Fertility Calendar

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Having menstrual data cycle and ovulation calendar is actually very important. It has at least two functions that we can get, knowing the fertile windows to see the best time to have baby and also knowing the unfertile windows for couples who want to avoid pregnancy. There are many kinds of pregnancy calendar that you can choose based on the needs and the purpose.

For couples who want to know the ovulation day or the fertile window of the wives, you can have fertility calculator. The sites will ask you the period cycle you have, but unfortunately this calculator is mostly designed for those who have regular period cycle, since regular periods will show exact fertility period that women have.

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Ovulation Calendar

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If you have application on period cycle in your smartphone, they also provide you with information on the fertile window you will have in one cycle.

This will be great for those who are not sure to count the fertile window they have in one period cycle. Even you can calculate the fertile window you have by using ovulation calculator which is also available online.

In ovulation calendar online, you will find the fertile window you have in present time and also for the next few months. Some also provide you with the calculation of the due date of the baby. Thus, you can count and decide what the best time to have a baby. 

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Ovulation Calculator

Posted by Ana Nurkhasanah Wednesday, June 10, 2015 1 comments
Using calculator to see the fertile window is common to do today. This calculator is sometimes available along with period calendar which is good to know whether a woman have regular period cycle or not.

For new moms, this calculator will ease your family to decide when to have a baby and how many babies you want. Some calculators are available for those who have special needs, for instance for moms who do fertility treatment and for moms who have irregular periods.

Ovulation calculators varies based on your family needs, for instance ovulation calculator last three periods which will calculate your last three periods and also the fertile window you have in last three period.

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Due Date Calculator

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For those who are new moms, you might be a little bit confused to count your pregnancy, when your baby will be born, and also its development in days or weeks. There are many ways we can get online to decide the conception date, the first test we have to do, the growth of your baby within 9 months and also the condition you may experience during pregnancy, and also the due date of your baby.

For new moms you can use these calculators to know such things above. Well, the first calculator you use is ovulation calculator. By simply text your first day after last day of period cycle, the machine will inform you the fertile days you will be. Some even shows you the due date of your baby in their due date calculator ovulation.

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Pregnancy Calculator

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This calculator helps you and your spouse to know when the baby will come into your life. The providers will use your last period date to calculate the coming of the baby. There will be so many kinds of pregnancy calculator we have. The purpose is the same, but the system they use for counting is a bit different. Well, pregnancy calculators are much found online. Thus, you can directly type your due date and the machine will calculate and inform you the date of the baby.

Well, for instance pregnancy week calculator.This calculator will determine how far you are in your pregnancy. By typing you last period to the calculator, then you will find how many weeks you are in your calculator. Some sites even give you complete calculation week by week until your baby is born. 

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Stages of Pregnancy

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Getting pregnant and having a baby is the best feeling belong to every women in the world. Pregnancy can be different from woman to woman. Some signs of pregnancy last for several weeks along with woman expectations. The pregnancy symptoms will last about forty weeks, which is counted from the first day of woman’s last period. It’s typically about two weeks before the conception.

The pregnancy stages are usually described in the three-month period which is known as trimester. Each trimester lasts about twelve or thirteen weeks. During the trimester, diverse changes take place in your body as well as the fetus development.

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Ovulation Calendar - Plan Your Pregnancy

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Ovulation occurs when a mature egg is released from the ovary, pushed down to the fallopian tube, and is available to be fertilized and if the eggs do not conceive the uterine lining as well as blood will be shed. Normally only one egg is released each time of ovulation.
 An ovulation calendar is basically a tool that helps to predict when you ovulate i.e. when a mature egg is released from the ovary and pushed down to fallopian tube and is available to be fertilized. An Ovulation Calculator provides approximate dates for predicting ovulation as there are several variables that can cause cycle irregularities.

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